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Shaun Goddard, finalist

Shaun Goddard, Unitec Architecture Department.

Photo by David St George


Shaun Goddard, from Unitec Architecture Department, was a finalist at the 2016 NZIA Central Innovation Student Design Awards for his project ‘The Tipping Point’.

Project description

The question of Auckland’s growing cultural and geographical disparity underscores ‘The Tipping Point’. With reference points in the ground-up development of  jazz, hip hop and punk movements, this project seeks to harness the universal appreciation and enthusiasm for music culture and connect the city through a network of community-based platforms. Taking the design of the central and southern nodes of this network – or, more accurately, one site split over two locations, Eden Terrace and Ōtara – as its focus, a balance of formal and informal spaces is proposed. Each is applied through a toolkit of building systems that allow community groups to become agents of change.


This comprehensive study employs music as a universal language that can connect and catalyse disparate parts of Auckland. From an examination of the roots and emergence of Hip Hop, Jazz and Post Punk music, Sean has produced work that embraces both informality as a design tool and the power of collaborative placemaking.

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