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2020 President's Awards

In 2020, the following people and groups received NZIA President’s Awards:

Bruce Petry 
Heritage practitioner and advocate

Bruce Petry was a passionate, knowledgeable and outspoken advocate for the causes in which he believed. He made a huge contribution in the field of heritage architecture, and was unfailingly generous with his advice and assistance. His gift for friendship was deeply appreciated throughout, and well beyond, the architectural community. In the wider civic realm, Bruce’s courage and commitment were evident in his prominent role in the struggle for gay rights and his advocacy on behalf of those sufferring from HIV/AIDS. Bruce is sorely missed and very fondly remembered.

Robin Skinner
Senior Lecturer, Wellington School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington Te Herenga Waka

Robin Skinner has been a model of a committed academic and engaged public intellectual for more than 20 years. He has played a full part in the life of the Wellington School of Architecture – generations of students at the School have benefited from Robin’s teaching and guidance, and he has made a significant contribution in the fields of architectural history and theory. Robin’s collegial values and generous disposition are also evident in his service to cultural institutions such as the Adam Art Gallery and Turnbull Library, and his promotion of the public discussion of architecture. The profession owes Robin a debt of gratitude for advancing the cause of architecture in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Fiona Christeller, FNZIA
Director, Fiona Christeller Architect

For more than 30 years, Fiona Christeller has forged her own way in New Zealand architecture. She has run her own practice, contributed significantly to the profession as an assessor of two decades’ standing for the Registered Architects’ Board, and taught at Victoria University’s School of Architecture. Fiona has consistently engaged in the civic realm as an architect, urban designer and citizen. She has always challenged herself as an architect and designer and has demonstrated admirable fortitude in pursuing a career as a female practitioner in what, for much of her working life, has been an unsympathetic professional environment. Fiona is accomplished, determined and enterprising, and an inspiration to all young people setting out on a career in architecture.

Wraight and Associates
Landscape Architects and Urban Designers

Megan Wraight and Nicole Thompson established Wraight and Associates in 2003 and since then their team has produced some of our finest pieces of landscape design – carefully crafted designs that belong to Aotearoa and feel like they have always been here. Wraight and Associates have worked closely with many architects across the country, helping to tie our buildings into our landscapes using cultural, historical and natural references to inform their designs. This award recognises that good design comes from a good team, all working together, but it especially recognises the vibrant and remarkable person who put this team together: Megan Wraight, who died recently, after a long battle with illness, working to the last with Nicole and the rest of her admirable team.