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2019 President's Awards

Photo by David St. George

In 2019, the following people and groups received NZIA President’s Awards:

Peter Fehl

As Director of Property Services at the University of Auckland for 15 years, Peter Fehl has made a huge contribution to the development of one of the most significant architectural sites in New Zealand. Peter has drawn on more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry in commissioning high-quality buildings, many of them inserted into a crowded inner-city campus, for New Zealand’s largest university. In his position, and in his similar previous role at Victoria University of Wellington, Peter has shown consistent support for this country’s architects; he has been an appropriately demanding client with exacting standards and, as evidenced by his generous endowment of a student scholarship, his professional dedication and expertise is allied to a deep personal commitment to the University of Auckland.        


Tony Watkins

Tony Watkins occupies a unique place in New Zealand architecture. He has been many things: architect, builder, teacher, writer, environmentalist, urbanist, advocate and agitator. Over the course of 50 years, Tony has demonstrated a tireless commitment to engaging with the public about architecture and reminding the profession of its societal and ethical responsibilities. He has been a well-informed, impassioned and, when necessary, provocative presence at numerous architectural forums in New Zealand and abroad. Tony was an early and prescient lobbyist for ecological protection and humane city planning, and throughout his career has never been afraid to challenge orthodox opinion or vested interests. He has lived his principles in his always-evolving, self-built house at Karaka Bay, and has contributed wholeheartedly to countless causes and campaigns over his long career in architecture.     


Engineering New Zealand

Engineering New Zealand has pursued a very collegial relationship with Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects as both organisations have sought to advance professional standards, promote the welfare of their members and advocate for the greater good of the wider industry. The close collaboration of Engineering New Zealand and the NZIA was exemplified by the launch of the Diversity Agenda which aims to increase the rate of female participation in the two professions. The NZIA is most appreciative of the ongoing commitment of Engineering New Zealand to this initiative and acknowledges the effort and resources it has dedicated to cause of gender equity in New Zealand.  


Other recipients