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2013 President’s Awards


In 2013, the following people and groups received NZIA President’s Awards:

Andy Buchanan

Andy Buchanan, professor of Timber Design at the University of Canterbury, is at the international forefront of research into new methods of constructing multi-storey timber buildings. In the course of his distinguished career Andy has undertaken work in the fields of structural, earthquake and environmental engineering, as well as fire safety, and in his current research he is drawing upon his experience in all of these disciplines to develop new timber technologies. Andy’s work is particularly relevant to the future of his city, but his design leadership is also of national importance at a time when the country is increasingly aware of the need for resilient buildings and environmentally conscious construction.

Nicola Legat

In her roles as Publishing Director of Random House New Zealand, and latterly as a member of the New Zealand Architectural Publications Trust, Nicola Legat is a highly significant patron of architectural publishing in New Zealand. Anywhere in the world, publishing high-quality books in a niche field such as architecture is challenging; it is especially so in a small country like ours. Nicola’s leadership and enthusiastic promotion of architectural publishing projects have been instrumental in raising the bar for architectural publishing in New Zealand. The books she has commissioned, and properly resourced, present architecture to a wide audience in a very appealing light. New Zealand architects are fortunate to have such a sympathetic, and graceful, publishing champion.

Sarah Treadwell

Sarah Treadwell is the first woman to be appointed to the staff of the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland, and since her appointment in 1981 she has performed invaluable service as a teacher, researcher, supervisor and mentor. Sarah’s courtesy, collegiality, diligence and leadership have been a hugely positive influence on the School, and she is fondly regarded by generations of the School’s students. Her interest in gender issues in architecture remains as strong and as relevant as ever, as does her scholarly work in the field of architectural drawing, a discipline which complements her own artistic practice.

Patrick Reynolds

New Zealand’s architects have good reason to acknowledge the work of architectural photographer Patrick Reynolds, who for more than 20 years has recorded their work with skill, sympathy and verve. The son and brother of architects, Patrick brings to his craft an informed architectural sensibility. He has sought, maintained and set high professional standards. Energetic, and never lost for an opinion, Patrick has performed invaluable service to architects in presenting their work, in a very good light, to a public audience in a wide variety of media, including five substantial books. Always generous with his time and professional advice, Patrick latterly has been teaching at the University of Auckland and has also become a highly engaged and knowledgeable participant in the debates around Auckland’s urban issues.

Graham Strez

As a board member of the New Zealand Architects Co-Operative Society, and an expert in the crucial professional areas of insurance and liability, Graham Strez has long given valuable service to the Institute. Graham is often the first port of call for colleagues confronting difficult practice conditions, and he is as generous with his time as he is helpful with his advice. He is also reliably helpful to the Institute’s office, and willingly undertakes, to the benefit of the Institute, tasks such as preparing official submissions and presenting at CPD events. Graeme’s collegial inclinations and efforts are much appreciated.       

Simon Devitt

Energetic, committed and enterprising, architectural photographer Simon Devitt has proved himself to be a very able chronicler of the work of New Zealand’s architects. By dint of his skill, application and determination, Simon has carved out a significant and still developing career in a challenging field in a challenging market. Courteous and properly assertive, he has pursued his career with ambition and imagination, and his drive to master his craft has brought significant benefits to many practitioners. His instigation and execution of demanding publishing projects is testament to the impressive seriousness with which he approaches his craft.    

Daryne Begbie

Daryne Begbie has brought responsibilty, commitment and integrity to her role as administrator of the Institute’s Awards programme and its attendant events, and also to other Institute occasions she has helped organise. She has dealt with myriad details and a plethora of requests with good grace, patience and fairmindedness, and has taken the Institute’s many changes to its Awards programmes in her stride. Her calm and efficient organisation of jury tours at local and national level has been appreciated by all jury members, and has made the tasks of Institute office-holders and staff that much easier. The type of work Daryne does can be thankless, but the Institute wishes her to know she is much valued.    

Paul McCredie

Over the course of a substantial career Wellington architectural photographer Paul McCredie has built up a reputation as a talented and accomplished chronicler of the work of New Zealand architects. His work has appeared in a wide variety of publications, and he has promoted the careers of many architects, both in Wellington and around the country. Paul brings a high standard of commitment and professional ability to his architectural photography, and he has made a significant contribution to New Zealand’s architectural publishing history. Without his long commitment to his craft, much local architecture would have languished in obscurity or vanished from the record.    

Stephen Goodenough

Through his architectural photography Stephen Goodenough has performed valuable service to the architects of Canterbury, in particular, and the South Island in general. Stephen is always gracious and willing to go the extra mile – and there are many extra miles in the territory he covers – for his clients. Away from the major centres of New Zealand periodical publishing, it can be difficult to build and maintain a career in a specialist field such as architectural photography. Architects are grateful to Stephen for the fortitude and determination which he has pursued his skillful craft.

Other recipients