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St Marys of the Angels Tour

Monday 11 September

Event description

Take a tour of the recently seismically strengthened St Marys of Angels church with project contractor L.T. McGuinness.

The Catholic St Mary of the Angels - the third church to be built on its Boulcott Street site - was originally opened in 1922. Believed to be the world’s first neo-Gothic church built using reinforced concrete, St Mary of the Angels has one of the most striking façades in the city. It was designed in the Gothic Revival style by ecclesiastical architect Frederick de Jersey Clere who, during his career, designed and built more than a hundred buildings associated with faith and worship between 1881-1933. Most are located in the lower half of the North Island. St Mary of the Angels is a fine example of late Gothic Revival church architecture, designed with a distinct perpendicular emphasis, and constructed in reinforced concrete.

More recently the church was deemed earthquake prone and closed following the 2013 Seddon 6.5 earthquake. The church undertook an extensive fundraising campaign to save the St Mary of the Angels and strengthening works to this Category 1 Heritage building was completed in April this year by L.T. McGuinness.

Join a tour of this iconic wellington church with contractors L.T. McGuinness providing insight into the journey and challenges of strengthening Frederick de Jersey Clere’s St Mary of the Angels.

Event details

Free event

12.45 – 1.30pm, Monday 11 September
St Mary of Angels, 17 Boulcott Street (meet outside the church on Boulcott Street)
No registration required 

CPD Points available – please apply as individual activity through RABCPD website.