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Placemaking and Density Done Well

Event Description

At a time of unprecedented growth in Tauranga we are pleased to offer a panel discussion exploring the process of placemaking alongside successful principles of urban density. This event is part of the Smart Talk series hosted in partnership with Smartgrowth BOP and Ignite Architects.

Participants include:

undefinedBenje Feehan, Associate Director, Ignite Architects: Benje has lived in Australia, Boston, Texas, and has recently returned to New Zealand after 18 years in the states. He currently lives in Auckland with wife Sarah and son Levi. Benje, a licensed Architect, holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Architecture, and in 2011 was invited to participate in the Dallas AIA Young Leaders program. Benje is teaching at the Graduate level in Detroit, practicing with Ignite Architects in Auckland, and pursuing research based work independently.  An avid artist Benje was invited to join the Cambridge Arts Association in Boston, has received numerous commissions for his  work and continues to seek beauty through making. During his time as Associate Director of bcWORKSHOP in Dallas, Benje had the opportunity to develop this philosophy by working with resident and clients in Dallas to design and construct socially and environmentally responsible architectural solutions to some of the cities most pressing issues. These projects have received numerous awards and honors including five LEED Platinum Certifications, multiple local AIA design awards, National AIA/HUD design award and the Rudy Bruner Silver Medal for Urban excellence. Benje dedicates his time and work to assessing why we choose to create. Championing human experience and engagement of the human body in the built environment, he believes that the responsibilities of designers, artists, and architects should reach well beyond common practice.

undefinedMichael Tucker, Manager, Urban Strategy, Tauranga City Council: Michael is the Manager of Urban Strategy at Tauranga City Council.  He has over 20 years’ experience in growth management and urban planning in the private and public sectors. Michael has worked mainly in the North Island of New Zealand (Auckland and Tauranga) but also worked for over a year at Waltham Forest Council in London. Throughout his career, Michael has focused on managing and planning for growth in high growth urban areas.  His team was a major contributor to the Auckland Plan, developing the High Level Development Strategy. They also developed Auckland ‘Rural Urban Boundary’ and ‘Future Urban Land Supply Strategy’.   More recently Michael has applied these skills and knowledge to Tauranga City Council and the Western Bay of Plenty’s SmartGrowth partnership.

undefinedLisa Main, Senior Principal, Boffa Miskell: Lisa is a Senior Principal at Boffa Miskell, based in the Auckland Office. She has qualifications in both Planning (from the University of Auckland) and a Masters in Urban Design (from the University of Westminster in London). Lisa has worked as an urban designer and planner in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1994. Her experience over the past two decades spans a range of areas including a particular emphasis on designing and facilitating innovative stakeholder and community engagement processes, master planning, town centre regeneration strategies, urban design, design guidance, conservation and heritage planning, and urban research. She is a current member of Auckland Council’s Urban Design Panel and regularly provides advice to Auckland Council and other clients on urban design matters for development proposals. Lisa has considerable knowledge of how medium density residential development can be done well. This has been gained both through practical experience of working on various aspects of medium density developments and through her role in an array of research projects undertaken for MfE and the former Department of Building and Housing (now MBIE). She is currently on an advisory group for a practical medium density assessment tool being advanced by Beacon Pathway. In her both her professional and personal life Lisa is passionate about creating and reinforcing a sense of place for communities. Splitting her time between work and family, Lisa enjoys spending time with her children and nurturing in them her love of urban places and the diverse communities that dwell in them.

undefinedBernie Walsh, Implementation Advisor, SmartGrowth: Bernadine Walsh (Bernie) leads the implementation programme for SmartGrowth. She has over 15 years of experience in public policy implementation and communications including seven years in the government’s Auckland policy office, where she led Upper North Island relationships and engagement, particularly for the Bay of Plenty region. Her career has spanned both public sector and industry, encompassing roles at North Shore City Council, Thames-Coromandel District Council, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, the Ministry of Transport and DairyNZ. Bernie's focus within SmartGrowth is enabling collaboration and implementation to add tangible value to the Bay of Plenty region and all the partners and agencies involved in it. 



Event details

Wednesday 13 September
2.30–4.30 pm
The Cruise Deck at Club Mount Maunganui
45 Kawaka Street

Free event; registration required.
Register here