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The Critical Manufactory

Saturday 16 September

Event description:

Day upon day, Blade Runner appears to be less of a cult sci-fi classic and more of a prophecy, with the dystopian future portrayed  in the film becomes apparently more likely... the planet is warming, robots are stealing our jobs, the rich-poor gap is increasing. Despite this, we believe optimism is the best policy, so join us at this hands-on workshop where we will collectively re-imagine design and manufacturing using digital fabrication and waste plastics to create useful items! 


Event details:

9.00am – 3.30pm
Saturday 16 September

Sustainable Coastlines Flagship Building 
35 Madden Street, Wynyard Quarter

Free; register here

(Limited to 15 participants)

Participants will need to the following personal protective equipment if possible (there will be some extras available):

Heat insulating gloves or oven mittens
Ear plugs or earmuffs 
Eye protection (goggles)
Dust mask

Please note: long hair tied up, no loose garments and preferably no synthetic clothing (it can get damaged by the heat)

CPD Points available – please apply as individual activity through RABCPD website.